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Tuesday , April 8 , 2003  
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Go Read The News! It's important stuff ya know.

Making A Come Back... Um... Eventually

I just got all my stuff to update my site. I have over 30 comics sketched, and I'm starting to ink them into existence. In the mean time, I'm putting up daily one panelers. I got the inspiration from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cerial. Find the link in my links.

Déja Vu

I know I said I'd be back before, and well, TECHNICALLY I was. But this time I've decided to do it right, for the long haul. I'm currently building up my comic lineup. I've already got the first week drawn out, and I'm going to keep building until I hit one month (I've worked on the comics 2 nights so far). I'm just going to upload the lot of comics (all 30 or so) at once and let the site kind of run on it's own. I have some renovations in mind for the site too, like changing that stupid "school daze" title thing. I HATE that thing. If anybody has any good ideas for it, give me an e-mail. Oh, and I wish I could give you guys an exact time when the comics will be back up, but I'm not sure. Give it about 2 weeks from now. Ooh, I'm so excited.

It's Back... YA HEARD ME?!

School Daze has returned, ladies and gents. As it turns out, before I was just burnt out on comics and college searching, so I just kind of collapsed on the job. Well, now I'm back in the driver's seat and ready to kick some ass. SD is still a daily, still color, and still a sarcastic piece of trash... *sniff* God I missed it.

Every Time I Try To Get Out...

Well, things are FINALLY back on track here at School Daze, and I'm proud to say I'm here to stay. I've had a mentally rough week. I'm sorry to leave you all in the dark about everything for so long, but I've just been too exasperated to care lately. Here goes. My friend trouble involved me and a certain friend (obviously) getting into an argument about a certain person, who I certainly don't want to know I'm talking about him/her. I know it sounds like a line of BS, but that's all I feel comfortable revealing to the general public. The overworked part of my little vacation was having to learn about 100 bones, their parts, and other general stuff. I studied like a mad man and still only got a 65 (above the class average for the test, I might add). It gave me my first big head ache in as long as I can remember, and I just didn't feel like drawing. When I don't feel like drawing, I CAN'T. So anyway, I know it's not the grand explanation you wanted for such a long absence, and I AM truthfully sorry, but what's done is done. Now all I can do it try and be funny... god help us all.

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